Hypnotherapy is generally a rapid, solution based method of helping you. It's a very powerful way of creating internal change quickly and can be for personal empowerment or as a fast route to solving a problem.

Hypnosis works because you have a dual nature and you do many things subconsciously. Emotions such as fears, anger, unhappiness or a fixation on something are all rooted in your subconscious. Many habits are also subconscious. This is why those things can be hard to change consciously. Because hypnosis works on the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is a method by which the subconscious mind can be encouraged to work in a different and better way and come into alignment with your conscious wishes.

Over many decades countless scientific studies have shown it to be very effective across a huge variety of uses. And by adding relaxation into the hypnosis mix, the whole experience of personal change can usually be made really quite pleasant. It can also be used to change beliefs in useful and beneficial ways, to resolve a problem or enable you to be more efficient at work or in your studies. Properly done, hypnotherapy is tailored to your individual needs and it is designed to be fast and effective.

Some people think of hypnosis as being like a magic wand but in reality it's far more accurate to think of it as a partnership between two people, with both parties working towards a common goal; namely your success and your happiness. To get results you do still need to fully participate. Despite what Hollywood movie makers would like you to think, no one can control you and you wouldn't want them to be able to. Hypnosis is a voluntary state and because it’s a partnership you should always choose to work with a hypnotherapist whom you have spoken to beforehand and who gives you a feeling of trust and expertise. Hypnosis is ideal for a great many things but not all.


Edward Conn
Jane Pearce